Technology Center

September 4, 2018

Cycle 86

8/13/2018 – 8/24/2018

Work Complete


  • (25% complete) Working on 2018 Rubric Refresh.
  • (Complete) Undergraduate application processing checklists. Add workflow checklists to support applicant review for undergraduate programs including an administrative review checklist and a pre-enrollment checklist.


  • (Complete) Display UW quarters & dates configuration in Settings menu. This makes transparent when the system switches a given quarter to read-only and completely updates the plan data from UW Time Schedule.
  • (Complete) Change enrollment number in Instructor Approval tool to be the Room Size value instead of the projected enrollment. These are often the same, but might cause confusion when the projected enrollment is adjusted.


  • (Fixed) Placement form wouldn't allow creation of new placement records, missing placement type.