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September 4, 2018

2018 Rubric Refresh

I will be working on some backlog projects for the Rubric system in Applicant Review during Summer Quarter 2018.

Project Goals

Export Rubric Data

Provide an export that allows user to download a spreadsheet containing all of the scores created using a specific rubric.

Better Score Entry Experience

Provide a link to view the application file. After a score is submitted provide a path back to applicant list.

Better Guided Build

The steps involved in creating and activating a new Rubric are cryptic and inconsistent. On the edit view add a map of the steps and indicate what is complete and what needs to be done next.

Better Build Tool

More inline edits. Ability to move items between sections.

Easier Apply Rubrics

Refine the process of applying a rubric to a set of applications.

More Robust Score Entry

Score entry tool is somewhat fragile and user input can be lost when there is intermittent trouble connecting to the server. Update to recover from failed save actions.


Add documentation and help within the web application.