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June 13, 2024

Working on Accessibility in Your Course? Start with TidyUp!

Aiden Sizemore

TidyUp by Cidilabs Icon

We’ve all done it – added dozens of files into the Canvas Files area of our course to provide content and supplements to our students. It is what the Files area is made for. But then as quarters go by and we change or add more content, the old files have a tendency to stick…

May 31, 2024

Canvas Tips: Prepping for Summer Quarter & Beyond!

Aiden Sizemore

Hello CoE Huskies!  We wanted to send a note because Summer quarter is just around the corner! You’ll note Summer and Autumn Canvas sites are already available to start working on in Canvas. You can locate them on your Canvas dashboard in the Unpublished Courses section.   If you would like assistance with prepping your Canvas sites, now is…