Technology Center

March 9, 2021

Cycle 126

Paul Hanisko

2/8/2021 – 3/5/2021

Work Complete

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Build applicant list specifically for Undergraduate programs. There are different application / student properties that are operationally important for our Undergraduate programs, from Graduate programs. This report view automatically applies Undergrad as scope and includes meaningful fields in page view and spreadsheet download.
  • (Complete) Delete option for locally uploaded attachments. Application attachments that were added locally by Student Services can be deleted by administrators. This already worked for attachments to “Materials”, now it works for Transcripts and Recommendation attachments.


  • (Complete) Budget search looks in the “Administrative PI / Director” field. This field is local college metadata entered by our fiscal team. Previously we only searched PI in the official UW data for Grant Principle Investigator.


  • (Complete) Added maintenance that deletes Workers with no appointment requests. If a Worker record is more than 1 day old and has no Appointment Requests it gets deleted. These records generally show up when a user starts a request and changes their mind. This reduces HR/P teams work in cleaning up duplicate Worker records.


  • (Complete) Update email editor tool. This project was using a 3rd party tool for WYSIWG email editing that was no longer supported and was displaying warning messages in the system. We’ve updated it to use the same version as Applicant Review.


  • (Complete) Clarify the interface for budget searches. To search TREQ orders by Budget Nbr you have to pick a budget from the budget suggestion tool. The search form now lets you know if no budget is selected.

Long Term Projects

Faculty Effort

(90% Complete) Faculty Effort is a new feature for the college Budgets Database that will facilitate planning faculty effort across budgets.

  • Continue processing feedback from broader Fiscal Team testing. Largely updates to arrangement and labels.
  • Add email notifications for report approvals.

Institutional Research Data Warehouse (IRDW)

(10% Complete) IRDW is a new resource in development for the college’s Office of Institutional Research to provide a reporting data set optimized to answer you questions. It will house a combination of UW official data, College Database records, and subject specific metadata.

  • Design a record for Application data and do initial import.

On Course

(20% Complete) On Course is an in-development project to substantially upgrade our college’s Courses Database. On Course will provide a more modern interface, better optimized for the work you do, with an improved data model that will address many long-term limitations of Courses.

  • Implement a Course Section detail page. This page has the same purpose as the “Offering Detail” page in Courses, it shows you all the known attributes of one specific section. The new version is arranged to emphasize important fields and help describe the structure of the system better. The old “Tabs” UI is replaced with collapsible sections, this means you can view multiple sub-sections at one time. The entire page has a responsive layout that lets it make good use of large desktop screens and rearranges nicely on small mobile screens.