Technology Center

April 21, 2023

College Database Updates 130

Paul Hanisko

November 2022 – April 2023

Applicant Review

  • (Complete) Add styled email template to emails sent from the system.
  • (Complete) Show missing reviewer authorizations. When a reviewer is added to an application or to a committee and they don’t have access to the system a message is displayed next to their name. This message links to a help page that explains how to get authorized.
  • (Complete) Search looks in legal name field as well as preferred name.
  • (Complete) Update report filter for degrees to allow focus on any specific COE degree, e.g. EdS.


  • (In Progress) Import new UW Financial Transformation (Workday financial) fields into budgets database for planning and comparison. This is a step toward converting TREQ and NARF to Workday worktags.

Effort Tools

  • (Complete) Rebuild the default view and data entry tools in our effort planning systems (CL-Effort, HC-Effort) so they are easier to read and simplify data entry. It now automatically breaks planning into periods whenever there are allocation changes.
  • (Fixed) Adding date parameters to budget report was not working.


  • (Complete) Make proposed Course Releases more visible. Course Releases that need dean approval(s) show up in area reports, but their SCH are not included in totals until they are approved.
  • (Fixed) Summary fields like instructors and meetings were not always refreshed after a local section plan was updated from the UWTS version.


  • (Complete) Add Graduation Planning tools and reports.
  • (Complete) Add breadcrumb trail navigation to most pages in Student.
  • (Complete) Add new undergraduate Education Studies major (EDUC S) to scope and report filters.
  • (Complete) Add option to see meeting times within Current Registration.
  • (Complete) Show final doctoral committee members for completed students.
  • (Complete) Update report filter for degrees to allow focus on any specific COE degree, e.g. EdS.
  • (Complete) Fix issue where we would occasionally lose access to a student’s current enrollment and transcript. This was caused by change to their identifying RegID field.
  • (Complete) Previously we had added current advisor to student lists which caused substantial slow downs in some reports and maintenance processes. This was refactored so we pull in the current advisor view only when it is needed.
  • (Fixed) Page navigation on report views with > 500 records was not working correctly.


  • (Complete) Prompt for meal times in trip orders. This helps make sure the correct reimbursement rate is used.


  • (Complete) Fake data for testing and demonstration. We implemented a system that replaces live data with fictitious records in most of our college databases. This feature can be activated (on request) in our development or test environment.
  • (Complete) Application menu (top left hamburger) in all college databases only loads when it is triggered by the user.
  • (Complete) Administrative impersonate feature which is used for testing and support is now consistently implemented across all college databases.
  • (In Progress 40%) Store user uploaded attachments in secure cloud storage instead of local file system. Started with OnCourse syllabi as proof of concept.
  • (Complete) Upgrade to Laravel 10. Framework and library updates for all projects.
  • (Complete) Implement log collection and navigation tool. Queryable view of college database user activity.
  • (Complete) Implement central error reporting and tracking for all college databases.