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NOTICE: This product was under review the year 2020. We have not renewed this subscription, but please let us know if you are interested in using it or a similar product for your course.

What is it?

There are multiple tools to add video to your course. Video recordings provide an easy way for students to access your lecture materials, to view supplemental content, or to add some personal touch to their online course introductions. One of the flaws of this kind of content delivery is that it is hard to promote reflection or interaction with students, or for them to contextualize their comments within a specific section of a video.

VT is a tool to help with this kind of issue, designed to provide a space for participants to interact with the media author by posting notes, questions or comments within the artifact. These rich annotations are associated with specific sections of the media. The notes can be done using text, audio or video. Your original media can be a PowerPoint presentation, a document, pictures, video files, etc.

When to use it?

There are multiple ways for you to integrate this into your course. Here are some examples:

  • Voice-over presentations. You can build self-paced presentations, with a sound track associated with each slide. Students can add comments, or questions to each slide, and you can respond these questions individually, or simply post a response in the same slide.
  • Video Testimonials. You can use video to illustrate a point, to let students introduce themselves, or to share something with the class. VT can be used as a tool to post this kind of content, and to allow other participants to react and interact as part of the process
  • You can design VT assignments, where you post a question or topic, and all students are required to participate. They can choose the format of their reply (text, audio/voice, video)

 How can I use it?

Add a VoiceThread to a Canvas Module

To learn more about creating a VoiceThread using visual media, voiceover, text, and video, check out the tutorial below.

Create a VoiceThread Assignment

To learn more about creating a VoiceThread assignment in Canvas that gives students a chance to discuss class materials asynchronously, watch this tutorial.