Technology Center

June 5, 2021

Thinking About Hybrid Learning Environments

Britta Ossim

As Spring quarter comes to a close, we in the Tech Center office are thinking ahead to Autumn quarter and the kinds of learning environments—in-person, online, or hybrid—that we all will encounter and create this fall. As you know, the university is planning a full return to in-person learning, and it will be so exciting to work and learn together on campus again! We also know that our continued flexibility in meeting students needs could necessitate a hybrid or blended approach to learning. With this in mind, we have developed a new page in our CoE Tech Center website that focuses on hybrid learning, and the many student participation modes that are possible in in hybrid learning environments. Our goal with this page is to outline a few of these possibilities, highlight the benefits and challenges of different approaches, and offer examples of instructional methods adapted to these environments. This resource is far from exhaustive, and is meant to be a starting point now, and later, a resource to refer to when you know more about what your Autumn quarter students and their needs and preferences

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