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November 2023

November 17, 2023

Seasonal Security Tips

Yanko Michea

As the winter holiday season approaches, it is essential to be vigilant against various scams that can manifest through email, text, phone, and social media messages. These scams target university communities with tactics like phishing, gift card scams, fraudulent holiday invitations, and job offers. Users are advised to exercise caution with email links and attachments,…

New UW Qualtrics Enterprise Agreement

Yanko Michea

UW-IT has recently made Qualtrics available for faculty and staff at UW. This new service will add some functionality (Stats iQ and Crosstabs iQ) and save our college the yearly cost of subscription. In order to use this service, we will need to migrate all our surveys. We understand this may be a complex process…

Your Old Canvas Courses Need Attention!

Yanko Michea

Courses created in Canvas before Summer 2018 will be deleted on December 18 of this year. If you would like to preserve any course content from this period, you can create a course archive by exporting your Canvas content ahead of December 18th. If you need assistance with this process, please submit a request to…

November 16, 2023

Canvas Tips: Prepping for Winter Quarter

Yanko Michea

Hello CoE Huskies!  We wanted to send a note because Winter quarter is just around the corner! You’ll note Winter and Spring Canvas sites are already available to start working on in Canvas. You can locate them on your Canvas dashboard in the Unpublished Courses section.   If you would like assistance with prepping your Canvas…

Fee-Based service for >100GB Google Shared Drives

Yanko Michea

Beginning July 2024, UW Google Shared Drives will transition to a fee-based service. Shared Drives will be available to UW employees at no charge for a subsidized tier of up to 100GB (subject to annual review), and for-fee service tiers for usage above that level. Estimated Pricing for 2024/2025  Google Shared Drive Size  Price / year …