October 16, 2008

Social Science PhDs—Five+ Years Out: Sociology Report

Presents key findings from the Social Science PhDs—Five+ Years Out based on sociology graduates’ views of the quality of training and on their career paths. The sociologists in this study, like respondents in other fields, reported positive evaluations of their graduate training programs.  They rated their programs highly with respect to academic rigor and training in thinking critically. However, ratings were substantially lower for training in skills for presenting, writing, and publishing. The study suggests that sociologists from these cohorts encountered a relatively strong job market, especially as compared to historians and anthropologists. Sociology, the field in this study with the most women, is also the only field with clear evidence of gender inequalities in careers.

Morrison, E., Rudd, E., Nerad, M. & Picciano, J. (2008). Sociology Report: PhD Program Quality, Early Careers, and Gender Stratification. CIRGE Report 2008-05. CIRGE: Seattle, WA.

Download: Social Science PhDs—Five+ Years Out: Sociology Report