Current Projects


New Book on Intellectual Risk Taking, Internationalization and Diversity in Doctoral Education

CIRGE is preparing the third book of its trilogy: Forces and Forms on doctoral education worldwide.


Adviser and Advisee relationships in Different Countries 

The adviser/advisee relationship is considered one of the most crucial relationships during the doctorate program. Interestingly, there are few pieces of literature that have analyzed how this relationship take place in different societies. CIRGE has planned to develop a set of talks with faculty and students from different countries and disciplinary fields to understand better the formal and informal aspects of this social dynamic. See details of our first talk here


Repository of existing Surveys of Doctorate Holders

CIRGE team is conducting an analysis of the existing surveys that track the career path of doctorate holders. Currently, the repository of survey is being developed.


Grad Student Survey

The SERU Consortium has developed a new SERU Graduate Student Survey (gradSERU) reflecting the importance of understanding and seeking improvements in graduate education in an era of increased global competition for talent.  CIRGE is advising in the elaboration of this survey.  See more