November 30, 2012

Presentations during 2008 – 2009

Presentations 2009

June 19 – Maresi Nerad presentation at the Graduate Management Admissions Council conference held in Baltimore, MD, titled “Time-to-Degree and the Case for Enhanced PhD Skills Training.”  Download:  GMAC

May 19 – Maresi Nerad presentation at the Mobility and Internationalization of Doctoral Studies in Europe conference held in Paris, titled “Doctoral Education in the U.S. in times of Globalization.” 

Presentations 2008

December 16-17 – Maresi Nerad and Nelofer Halai of the Aga Khan University presentation at the 3rd Interantional Conference on Postgraduate Education in Penang, Malaysia, titled “Globalization and the Internationalization of Doctoral Education.”  Download: Malaysia

October 16-18 – Maresi Nerad presentation at International Workshop on Graduate Education, Hiroshima University, Japan, titled “Graduate Education and its Changes in the U.S.:  An Evolving Process.”  Download: Hiroshima University

August 4 – Maresi Nerad and Emory Morrison presentation at American Sociological Association conference, Boston, MA  –  “Are Sociologists Different:  Findings from Social Science PhDs – Five+ Years Out: A National Study of Six Social Science Fields.”  Download:  Sociology

June 25 – Maresi Nerad presentation at University of California, Davis, Graduate Career Consortium, Sacramento, CA  –  “Social Science PhDs – Five+ Years Out:  A National Study of PhDs in Six Social Science Fields”  Download:  Grad Career Symposium

May 7 – Panel on “Brain Drain, Brain Gain, or Brain Circulations”  Download: Higher Education in Developing Countries: What Role, What Impact?

March – Maresi Nerad presentation at the Western Association of Graduate Schools (WAGS) annual meeting, Denver, CO –  “Promoting Productive Educational Experiences for International Students:  A Two-Way Street – The Internationalization of Graduate Education.”  Download:  WAGS Conference 2008

February 21 – Maresi Nerad’s presentations at the American Political Science Association (APSA), Political Science Chairs Conference, San Jose, CA — “Political Science Findings from Social Science PhDs — Five+ Years Out,”  Download: 1)  Plenary Meeting; 2)  Workshop

February 11 – Maresi Nerad webcast presentation for the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Initiative, Ideas and Universities — “Changes in Doctoral Education Worldwide: Past Differences, Current Commonalities and Future Trends.”  Download:  WUN webcast

January 18 – Presentations at the University of Washington, College of Education Faculty Career Symposium, Seattle, WA  –  1) Maresi Nerad & Mimi Heggelund: “Globalization and its Impact on Doctoral Education Worldwide.” Download:  Globalization 2)  Maresi Nerad & Elizabeth Rudd:  “Social Science PhDs — Five+ Years Out:  A National Study of PhDs in Six Social Science Fields.” Download:  COE-SS5