What We Do

  • Research

Our research encompasses all aspects of graduate education, from faculty mentoring, time to degree, attrition,  job placement concerning broader issues, such as the under-representation of students of color and of women, and the forces and forms of change in doctoral education worldwide. We have a data repository of educational and career outcomes of doctoral students from three national surveys, providing empirical data for use in crafting policy affecting graduate education.

  • Evaluate Innovative programs

The CIRGE team is comprised of experts in the evaluation of innovative doctoral programs. Our experiences include designing and conducting evaluations of interdisciplinary doctoral programs for U.S. National Science Foundation’s IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) program. We have also developed methods for evaluating international experiences in doctoral-level science and engineering education. We are committed to promoting the development of evaluation methods that improve doctoral education outcomes and facilitate future-oriented PhD education.

  •  Consulting & Workshops

CIRGE is a frequently contacted source of knowledge on graduate education internationally. We provide policy recommendations, assist curriculum development, disseminate information about best practices and develop models for doctoral programs, thus moving from research to innovation and on to broader implementation. The CIRGE staff is frequently asked to speak and to serve on boards and panels related to graduate education around the world. Our workshops can help universities create future-oriented, innovative doctoral education programs.

  • Worldwide collaboration

We have formed a unique research community of international experts in doctoral education representing all six continents. This network, known as the Forces and Forms of Change in Doctoral Education Worldwide is committed to better preparing PhD recipients to become the next generation of leaders in a global and knowledge-based world. CIRGE’s website and coordination activities provide a platform for network members to work together across national boundaries, allowing for the exchange, centralization and dissemination of information research, and policy development on a global scale, but tailored to regional needs and requirements.