IGERT Portland State University

(c) Rights from the IGERT ESUR Doctoral program

Since 2011 CIRGE  is engaged in  evaluating the  NSF funded IGERT doctoral program “Ecosystem Services for Urbanizing Regions IGERT (ESUR) at Portland State University.  Through a formative assessment process CIRGE works closely with the core faculty and the IGERT fellows to track students, progress, goal accomplishments of the program, including collaborations with local partners on  issues of sustainability in urban areas.  CIRGE also assesses the IGERT’s impact on the graduate landscape of Portland State University.

The goal of this ESUR IGERT program is to establish an explicit program merging environmental sciences and engineering with urban planning and social science expertise, to address ecosystem questions and problems in the context of urban growth. In this sense, CIRGE´s evaluation has been important to understand the complexity of this attempt.

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