October 3, 2012


IGERT is the National Science Foundation’s flagship interdisciplinary training program, educating U.S. Ph.D. scientists and engineers by building on the foundations of their disciplinary knowledge with interdisciplinary training. From 1998 until now, the IGERT program has acquired 278 awards and has provided funding for approximately 6,500 graduate students.

The IGERT programs offer traineeships to students pursuing their PhDs. The interdisciplinary graduate programs represented vary greatly, spanning disciplines that include: biomedical engineering, environmental economics, nanoscience, sustainability, computational science, molecular biology, psychology, anthropology, political science, materials science, and many more. Opportunities for international experience as well as internships in industry and government are a part of many programs. 


Collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries and requires teamwork provides students with the tools to become leaders in the science and engineering of the future. Diversity among the students contributes to their preparation to solve large and complex research problems of significant scientific and societal importance at the national and international level.

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