November 21, 2019

CIRGE hosted the first Webinar of the Series “Committing ourselves to Social Justice: Doctoral Education for Complex Times”


Dr. Amy Scott Metcalfe (University of British Columbia) invited us to question the possibilities of the promise of social justice in the current higher education scenario, rooted in colonial relationships. She explains “The title of my talk, “Viewing the landscape of doctoral education against the horizon of policy: Placing ourselves in the academic arboretum,” emphasizes educational purpose and place, but also the colonial underpinnings of Western science. The “horizon of policy” references the spatializing sensibility of being located in a particular spot and turning around to view the encircling horizon. This is a planetary standpoint. The metaphor of a 360 degree “policy horizon” takes into consideration that we must move our entire beings to realize what is all around us, instead of facing in one direction and only seeing what is straight ahead.

Check the video of her talk and text here

More about the webinar

The webinar gathered around 50 people of all over the world interested in discussing how doctorate education plays a role in questioning and making visible the structures of oppression in society.

Why CIRGE is talking about social justice in Doctorate Education?

Doctoral education is the most advanced level of education that individuals can achieve and one of the spaces where different types of knowledge are discovered, passed on from one generation of scholars to the next, and re-interpreted in the process. These functions give doctoral education unique access to individuals and institutions that are in positions of authority in different nations, and consequently, an extra responsibility to work toward democracy, inclusion, diversity, and equity; in short, social justice.

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