June 24, 2020

Beyond Theory: Practicing social justice in the design & implementation of doctoral programs in education

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July 29th, 6:00 am, New Zealand

July 28th, 8:00 pm, South Africa

July 28th, 11:00 am, Pacific Time

Duration: 90 minutes

At times where the racial, class, and gender inequalities are deeply felt in many of our countries, doctoral education is not exempted from the public scrutiny, which is asking to disrupt the pivotal forces that (re)produce social injustices.  Being the most advanced degree of education and a critical contributor of knowledge production and technological systems, doctoral education has access to individuals and institutions that are in positions of authority in different nations, and consequently,  an extra responsibility to reveal and question the mechanisms of oppression that affect disenfranchised communities.

In this webinar,  professors Barbara Grant from Auckland University (New Zealand) and Sioux McKenna from Rhodes University  (South Africa) will discuss the vision that inspire them and their teams to launch doctoral programs in education with focus in equity social justice in their respective countries.  The question for them (and for us) is what does it take to design and implement a doctoral program inspired in social justice?


Barbara Grant is an associate professor at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She is currently exploring doctoral students’ experiences of publishing during candidature, doctoral identity work in thesis acknowledgments, and doctoral supervision work of academic women in NZ universities.



Sioux McKenna  is a professor at Rhodes University in South Africa. She is the current director of the Center of Postgraduate Studies and the director of the doctoral program in Social Justice and Quality in Higher Education, which is one of the few doctoral programs in education in the countries that has a course-work structure.



This event is part of the CIRGE series: Committing ourselves to Social Justice: Doctoral Education for Complex Times

Organize: Center for Innovation and Research in Graduate Education (CIRGE)

Co-sponsor: Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California, Berkeley (CSHE)