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The Road Map Family Engagement Survey was developed for and by districts, community organizations, funders, and community leaders with the Equitable Parent-School Collaboration Project at the University of Washington. Three common indicators of family engagement form the basis of this survey. The aim of the survey is to provide actionable data to schools, districts, and community-based organizations to inform and improve their efforts to build equitable collaboration between families, communities, and schools. For more information on best practices for the survey please refer to the Users Guide.

The Road Map Project has identified three “common” indicators of parent/family engagement which the survey questions focus on:

  1. Parent/Family Knowledge and Confidence
  2. Welcoming and Culturally Responsive School Climate
  3. Parent/Family Decision-Making and Influence

Three additional indicators serve as a “menu”; we recommend you select one from the appendix Appendix B_Additional Indicators_Original

  • Family-Educator Trust
  • Family-School Communication
  • Principal Leadership for Engagement

There has been a recent revision of the English survey which differs from the one we used for our project. We have made the original English survey available below, which is translated into the other languages. If you would like the more recent English survey version please contact us at


Family Survey_English

Family Survey_Spanish

Family Survey_Russian

Family Survey_Vietnamese

To see the video of district leaders talking about lessons learned and advice for implementing the survey in your community, please visit our videos page.

The Users Guide includes various tools and appendices here they are as separate files for your convenience:

Appendix C_ Tool 1_Goal & Self-Assessment_Question Stage

Appendix C_ Tool 2_ Community & Family Open Ended Questions_Question Stage

Appendix C_Tool 3_Are the Right People Around the Table (1)

Appendix D Data Collection Strategies_Engage Stage 7.7.15

Appendix E Sheet1

Appendix E Sheet2

Appendix F_Additional Resources 7.7.15