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In addition to publications, the University of Washington’s Equitable Parent–School Collaboration (EPSC) research team have partnered with schools, families, and community organizations in the Road Map Project region of South Seattle and South King County to develop different kinds of tools, including videos, surveys, and curriculum.

Please visit out surveys page where you will find the Road Map Family Engagement Survey, which provides actionable data to schools, districts, and community-based organizations to inform and improve their efforts to build equitable collaboration between families, communities, and schools. Here, you will also find information on indicators of parent/family engagement and access to download they surveys in English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese.

We  encourage you to visit our curriculum page, which includes information and access to the Road Map Parent / Family Engagement Curriculum.

In our videos page include the Family Engagement Design Team and Survey Process Webinar which contains an overview of both our Parent Curriculum Design Team Process as well as information and lessons learned regarding the process and implementation of our Parent Engagement Survey. Our videos page also includes Assistant Professor Ann Ishimaru sharing information over the role of families and communities in schools and an overview of her presentation, “Self-Interest Rightly Understood”: Interest Convergence and Collective Agency Across Families, Communities, and Educators at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Below you can also access the following tools:

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