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In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Road Map Project, the Equitable Parent–School Collaboration Research Project at the University of Washington worked with Kent School District and other Road Map partners from 2012–2014 to understand and support efforts to build authentic parent and family engagement to improve student outcomes and success.

Rationale: Based on the 2012-2013 case study findings, Kent School District’s parent academy built a foundation for robust parent engagement efforts, but the curriculum originally used in the program was developed 25 years ago in Southern California and could not be shared across the region.

The Kent Design Team—comprising parents, teachers, principals, district leaders, and researchers— met intensively during the winter, spring and summer of 2014 to:

  1. Create a culturally responsive, asset-based curriculum driven by the interests, priorities, and needs of Kent parents, families, and communities that can be adapted to and shared across the region.
  2. Evolve a set of design principles to guide parent engagement efforts that enable parents to become fellow educational leaders in improving our schools.
  3. Develop a model to build capacity and relationships between parents and educators to collaborate on joint work to improve the educational system.

Ultimately, the PROCESS positioned, parents as experts and agents in their own learning and in the collective work of school improvement. It poses a provocative question with implications that go far beyond this curriculum: How might we be engaging the students, families, and communities most affected by educational inequities as fellow educational designers and leaders in improving our schools?

Curriculum Tools:

To download Power Point lessons in English and Vietnamese see following link:

Parent Curriculum Slides