October 9, 2012

Renato Janine Ribeiro

Renato Janine Ribeiro, Ph. D. in Philosophy (1984), has been a Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the University of São Paulo since 1993. He wrote several books in political philosophy. From 1973 to 1984 most of his work was concentrated on the English thinker Thomas Hobbes. Later he kept his interest in political philosophy but had a growing concern for the problems that arise when one tries to build a democracy in a dissident Western society, as he characterizes Brazil and some other countries in Latin America and elsewhere. He won the Jabuti award of the best essay published in Brazil in 2000 with A sociedade contra o social – o alto custo da vida pública no Brasil, his first essay to deal with that subject.

He has been a Tinker Professor at the University of Columbia at New York during 2003-4. From April 2004 to October 2008 he has been Evaluation Director at Capes, Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education. As Evaluation Director he was directly responsible for the permanent evaluation of ca. 1,300 Ph.D. programs and 2,500 Master degrees programs in Brazil and helped to create many of them. He has been decorated by President Fernando Henrique Cardoso with the National Order of Scientific Merit, in 1997, and by President Lula da Silva with the Rio Branco Order in 2009. He writes an op-ed column at “Valor economico” ( on Brazilian and international politics every Monday.

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