September 17, 2015

Professional Development for Doctoral Students

Today, governments worldwide want world-class research capacities in order to attract investment and create new jobs. In this context, the next generation of researchers needs more than traditional research skills. They need to prepare themselves to work in many sectors of society post–PhD. Therefore, in addition to acquiring traditional research skills, doctoral students also need to formulate clear career goals, be introduced to a variety of academic and nonacademic career possibilities, and learn skills needed for managing post-PhD careers. They need to become versatile and equipped with transferable and translational competencies. Sets of workshops or training programs for doctoral students, known as “professional development,” are aimed at helping these students transition into professional careers.

Nerad, M. (2015). Professional Development for Doctoral Students. Nagoya Journal of Higher Education. Vol 15, pp. 285-315.

Download: Professional Development for Doctoral Students