October 6, 2013

Recent Publications on Doctoral Education

List of latest publications on the various aspects of doctoral education around the world.


 The metaphors we study by: the doctorate as a journey and/or as work

Hughes, Christina; Tight, Malcolm – Higher Education Research Development – 2013


PhD capacity-building, from aid to innovation: the SANPAD-SANTRUST experience

Smit, B, Williamson, C.; Padayachee, A.  – Studies in Higher Education – 2013


Mentorship, supervision and learning experience in PhD education

Linden, J., Ohlin, M., Brodin, E. M.  – Studies in Higher Education – 2013


 Performance-based assessment of graduate student research skills: timing, trajectory, and potential thresholds

Timmerman, B. C., Feldon, D., Maher, M.; Strickland, D.; Gilmore, J. – Studies in Higher Education – 2013


Completing a PhD by publication: a review of Australian policy and implications for practice

Jackson, D. – Higher Education Research Development – 2013


Becoming molecular girl’: transforming subjectivities in collaborative doctoral research studies as micro-politics in the academy

Lenz Taguchi,  H.  – International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education – 2013


Peer relationships and the biomedical doctorate: a key component of the contemporary learning environment

 Kemp,  M.W., Molloy,  T., Pajic, M., Chapman, E. – Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management – 2013


 The Routledge doctoral students’ companion: getting to grips with research in education and the social sciences/The Routledge doctoral supervisors’ companion: supporting effective research in education and the social sciences

Hopwood, N.  – Studies in Continuing Education – 2013


Developing early stage researchers: Employability perceptions of social science doctoral candidates

Golovushkina, E., Milligan, C. – International Journal for Researcher Development – 2013


Science and Practice in Clinical Psychology Doctoral Training

 Bjornsson,  A. S. – Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice – 2013


Developing doctoral scientists for drug discovery: pluridimensional education required

Janero,  D. R. – Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery – 2013


What are the major impact factors on research performance of young doctorate holders in science in China: a USTC survey

Jibao G., Yu L., Doug V.,Wen, T. – Higher Education – 2013


Dissertations at a Distance: Students’ Perceptions of Online Mentoring in a Doctoral Program

Kumar, S., Johnson, M., Hardemon, T. – The Journal of Distance Education – 2013


Changing Schools of Education Through Grassroots Faculty-led Change

Perry, J.A. – Innovative Higher Education –  2013


The Quest for the PhD: A Better Metaphor for Doctoral Education

McCulloch, A. – International Journal for Researcher Development – 2013


Career goals, pathways and competencies of geography graduate students in the USA

Solem, M.,  Kollasch, A.,  Lee, J. – 2012

 2006. Envisioning the future of Doctoral Education: Preparing stewards of the discipline, San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass.  2006. The assessment of Doctoral Education: Emerging criteria and new models for improving outcomes , Sterling, VA : Stylus. 


Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Their Advisors: Is There Systematic Disadvantage in Mentorship?

Noy, S.  Ray, R. – The Journal of Higher Education – 2012

 Our findings speak to the utility of the intersectionality framework for examining interpersonal relations in higher education and suggest that advisor support in doctoral education is raced and gendered. Advisors and advisee issues in doctoral education…


 Coping with loneliness: A netnographic study of doctoral students

Janta, H.,  Lugosi, P., & Brown, L. –  2012

 International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy , 23(1/2): 4–32. [CrossRef] View all references) study examines this further by comparing perceptions of doctoral students in chemistry and education across a number of UK departments


The path to graduation: A model interactive web site design supporting doctoral students

Simmons-Johnson, N. –  2012

 Objective. This 2-phase mixed method study assessed 2nd-year doctoral students’ and dissertation students’ perceptions of the current Graduate School of Education dissertation support web site, with implications for designing a model dissertation support web site.