February 20, 1997

Graduate Education in the United States

In 1997, Congress and professional associations called for a reduction in PhD production, claiming that American universities unnecessarily overproduce doctorates. However in 1989 the Bowen and Sosa study (Prospects for Faculty in the Arts and Sciences) projected a substantial excess demand for faculty in the arts and sciences beginning in 1997 and continuing through 2002.

Why these contradictory messages? In this introduction we discuss the current and recurring issues in the graduate education debate, that are the result of the external and internal pressures faced by graduate education, and the way institutions have responded to these issues.

Nerad, M., June, R., &  Sands Miller, D. (1997). in the book series Contemporary Higher Education: Graduate Education in The United States. New York: Garland Press, spring 1997.

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