July 21, 2006

Globalization and Its Impact on Research Education

Observations on the impact of globalization on research training and promising practices for the doctorate of the future: 1) Globalization has not only brought a number of common trends to doctoral education worldwide but also has had differing effects on differing regions and on the more and more diverse doctoral student population worldwide. 2) Due to globalization, doctoral education is confronted with the tension between building a nation’s infrastructure—which means preparing for the next generation of professionals and scholars inside and outside academia—and the necessity of educating domestic doctorate students for participation in the international scholarly community. 3) We need to prepare our doctoral students adequately for times of globalization and an increasing national interest in the role of doctoral education for the knowledge economy.

Nerad, M. (2006). Globalization and Its Impact on Research Education: Trends and Emerging Best Practices for the Doctorate of the Future. In M. Kiley and G. Mullins, eds,  Quality  Postgraduate Research: Knowledge Creation in Testing Times, CEDAM, The Australian National University, Canberra.

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