February 16, 2023

Doctoral education in social science and the meanings of social justice

Dr. Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela, director of the PhD in Education at the Universidad de Tarapacá (Chile) and Dr. Patrick Sachew, dean of the Bremen International Graduate School in Social Science (Germany) shared their experiences on how their specific context shaped their practices.

Carolina explained that the deep inequalities of the Chilean higher education system, manifested in the high centralization of the country and big difference between rich and poor, have been determinant in the design of the doctoral program.

“The Universidad de Tarapacá” is located in a border zone, 2000 kilometers away from Santiago, close to the limit of Perú and Bolivia, where there is in an important percentage of immigrant people and indigenous Aymara people. Our doctoral program in Education is new and the only one located in the north of Chile, as such, we have put great emphasis in launching a research line that is relevant for the region”.

Patrick discussed that in the context of Germany, different trajectories by class continued being relevant