October 16, 2013

Conceptual Approaches to Doctoral Education: A Community of Practice

 A silent paradigm shift has occurred in doctoral education. Preparing the next generation of PhDs to function successfully in and contribute to today’s and tomorrow’s global environment requires an approach that goes beyond conceptualizing an apprenticeship model and institutes communities of practice, which should include recognition of peers as learning partners. Coordinated efforts are also needed across many levels inside and outside the university. Because more is being asked of the next generation of researchers—in addition to the traditional academic research competencies, they now need professional skills as well as cultural competencies—what is required today at the PhD level is the kind of purposeful structuring that allows for transformative doctoral education. 

Nerad, M. (2012)  Conceptual Approaches to Doctoral Education: A Community of Practice, Alternation, No 19,2, pp. 57–72. 

Download:  Conceptual Approaches to Doctoral Education

 An earlier version of this article appeared in Acta Academica Supplementum 2011, 2:198–216. (ISSN 0587-2405) Available at: journals.aspx?article=1264.