September 14, 2019

Academics gathered to discusses the major societal forces that are shaping doctorate education

Maresi Nerad, founder of CIRGE, kicked off the fifth conference “Forces and Forms of Doctoral Education” this morning in Hanover-Germany. This initiative was funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and co-organized by the Bremen Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSS), the University of Bremen, conjointly with CIRGE. Quite unique in its format, the conference sought to gather experts from the five continents to identify the major societal, economic and cultural forces that are changing the forms of doctorate education worldwide.

In the inauguration speech, Dr. Nerad invited the participants to work together on policy recommendations for doctoral education across our diverse continents and across diverse doctoral system, without attempting to homogenize our differences, but actively learning from each other to create a future that prepares a next generation of leaders, scholars, engaged citizens, and funders of doctoral education”.

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