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The Student database (STEP) is a student advising tool available to faculty and staff in the College of Education. If you need access to this system, contact the COE Help Desk.

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The student database supports College of Education program operations such as advising and reporting on current (and past) students in the college. It is the authoritative record of student, practicum placement data (student teaching, practicum, internships), OSPI certification, and advisor relationships. The student database also keeps track of doctoral student degree milestones. We utilize authoritative data sources where possible, example student lists, student contact information, student demographics and student course registration. This data is imported regularly from authoritative UW sources.


This is a currently operating production application. We regularly refine the system and add new features.


  • Student lists by program, cohort, advisor. Student contact information.
  • Access to UW student transcript data.
  • Record of student placements
  • Record of teaching certificate recommendations to OSPI and certificate numbers
  • Student data analysis and progress (milestones) and problem (tracked issues) tracking
  • Customized report views to support college workflows


  • Faculty use Student database in advising their students and managing programs.
  • OSS and Academic Support Team maintain local student data through STEP web interface.
  • Several programs including Teacher Education Program use STEP to track placements including student teaching and internships
  • Institutional Research uses STEP extensively for providing specific reporting to leadership and faculty and for required reporting in program accreditation.