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The Courses database is a curriculum planning tool available to faculty and staff in the College of Education. If you need access to this system, contact the COE Help Desk.

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Courses database supports curriculum planning for the College of Education. It provides a shared space where plans for course schedules in future quarters can be drafted, shared, and revised. In addition, this system serves as the workflow process where staff communicate with the UW Time Schedule to schedule course sections and rooms. The system makes visible differences between the college plan and actual data in UW time schedule.


This is a currently operating production application. We regularly refine the system and add new features.


  • Reporting system that allows users to dynamically generate course lists by time period, curriculum, instructors, subject matter tags, and more. Report are provided in multiple views to help visualize course schedule over time.
  • UW Time Schedule comparison displays where our course plan differs from what is entered into the official UW  time schedule.
  • Room preference tool allows faculty to supply their room needs.


  • Curriculum Coordinator and academic support team updates course data in system use extracts information for time schedule construction
  • College leadership team reviews and approves course plans
  • Faculty review their individual course schedules and enter room preferences
  • Students have public interface to view potential future course offerings