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Applicant Review

The Applicant Review database is an internal tool available to faculty and staff in the College of Education involved in application review. If you need access to this system, contact the COE Help Desk.

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The Student Online Applicant Review System (nicknamed SOARS) is a system to allow College faculty committees to review application files, record admission decisions, and recommend students for scholarship review. Students apply through the Grad School’s MyGrad application and the materials are then passed to the College's Applicant Review database. The Applicant Review database provides visibility on file review progress, allows for additional application materials not supported by Grad School, and provides evaluation rubrics.


This is a currently operating production application. We regularly refine the system and add new features.


  • Secure online availability of application files to faculty reviewers.
  • Centralized record of application materials, completeness, and decisions.
  • Ability to build custom review rubrics and apply to applicants by program.


  • Office of Student Services (OSS) does preliminary review of applications for completeness, email applicants from the system about completeness and decisions, and communicates final decisions from our system to the Grad School.
  • Faculty review applications and enter their decisions (called recommendations in system to differentiate from final consensus decisions).
  • Academic support team manage review committees, enter consensus decisions and assign initial advisors.