Technology Center

Office of Institutional Research

The OIR supports College of Education leadership in maintaining key information systems and providing data for administrative and program improvement purposes. 


The mission of the OIR is to provide timely, valid, and useful information in support of planning and decision-making, particularly as they relate to the quality of the academic programs.


The OIR is committed to quality, integrity, transparency, collaboration, and autonomy. It conducts its functions according to the principle that student learning matters most.


Research: The OIR produces research reports according to a set calendar.

Ad-hoc requests: If you can’t find what you're looking for among the posted reports, please contact the OIR at to discuss your specific request.

Academic data management: The OIR manages locally-collected (i.e. local to the College) academic data and serves as the content expert for centrally-collected (i.e. UW and Graduate School) academic data.