Technology Center

Information Systems

These are websites and databases supported by the College of Education Office of Institutional Research.

Applicant Review

Web portal for reviewing applications used by faculty and program administrators. Also includes public portal for existing UW student to apply to COE undergraduate programs. 

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Budgets supports the college fiscal office by providing a searchable list of UW budgets belonging to the college. It allows assignment of a fiscal contact per budget.

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College Reports

College reports are hosted on this site and include compiled reports of student, program, application history. 

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College Wiki

The COE Wiki is shared documentation for faculty and staff of the College of Education. This wiki is UW login protected and only COE affiliated persons have access.

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The Courses database is a planning tool for construction and review of course schedules. The Courses database supports UW Time Schedule construction and college reporting.

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Person database is a shared resource that feeds the other information systems. It provides shared strategy for keeping person data updated and allows linking between systems (e.g. link a student to their application).


Recruitment is contact relationship management system for prospective students. It provides a self-help “Tell Us About Yourself” feature for prospective students, an event RSVP feature, and simple email campaigns.

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Room schedule is a booking system for Miller Hall classrooms and meeting rooms.

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Student database is an advising tool for college faculty and administrative staff. It holds placement, certification, and advising data and provides a merged view with official UW student records.

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Tech Support

Tech Support is a request and inventory tracking system for the college’s Help Desk. It has an email interface for clients and a full web interface for the tech office.

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Tech Wiki

This wiki contains technical documentation used and maintained by the Help Desk. It is a shared resource with tech staff at the college’s affiliated departments and centers.

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Test Scores

Test Scores database hold applicant and student test scores provided directly to the college by testing agencies. These are largely test scores related to teacher preparation and certificiation. The test scores in this system are used in Applicant Review, the Student database, and in state reporting.

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