Banks Center for Educational Justice

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum: Culturally Sustaining Education (M.Ed./Ph.D.)

Our Culturally Sustaining Education program seeks to join, center, and sustain the strengths, wisdom, histories, and futures of Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander and all global majority young people, families, Elders, communities and educators across multiple intersections with gender, disability, language, land, migration, class, and more.

Our program is designed to prepare students to serve as educators, collaborators, and advocates with schools, community organizations, colleges and universities, and other learning spaces and to facilitate, design, enact and/or engage in projects, courses, and programs that promote educational justice in all its forms.

The program is further designed to prepare scholars whose commitments span across disciplines (content/subject areas and academic disciplines), ages (grades/lifespan), and educational spaces (in school/beyond school) to approach teaching, learning, research, and leadership through a racial and intersectional justice and equity lens. We understand the ongoing projects of decolonization, liberation, and abolition as led by communities are central to our work in education. We are committed to learning alongside various culturally sustaining settings and we work to enact them in our own courses, research, and beyond.  We understand our program as always in the process of becoming, seeking to grow alongside our students and communities.

History of the Program 

The CSE Program was originally founded as the Multicultural Education Program under the visionary leadership of Dr. James A. Banks and Dr. Geneva Gay. The Multicultural Education Program has been an internationally recognized graduate program for several decades, and the intellectual home for countless graduates who have gone on to be leaders across settings forwarding justice and equity in education. We are honored to continue the ongoing legacy of this remarkable graduate program.

Graduates of this program can be found working in any institution or setting that has programs related to culturally sustaining education, educational justice, ethnic studies and other critical, equity- oriented fields of education.


Django Paris

Maribel Santiago

Shaneé A. Washington