Banks Center for Educational Justice

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies Book Series

The Banks Center is proud to partner with Teachers College Press to curate the Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies Book Series.

Series Editor: Django Paris, University of Washington

Advisory Board: H. Samy Alim, Maggie Beneke, Jeremy Garcia, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Tiffany Lee, Danny Martinez, Teresa McCarty, Timothy San Pedro, Valerie Shirley

The overarching purpose of the Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies Series (CSP Series) is to offer preparing and practicing educators, graduate students, and scholars with a comprehensive series of books dedicated to educational settings engaged in sustaining Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islander young people, families, and communities as these memberships necessarily intersect with gender and sexuality, disability, migration, language, land, class and more. The CSP Series is defined by its coherent focus on the strengths and wisdom of young people, families, elders, communities and educators who use education—in Pre-K through college classrooms, across content areas, in community organizations, and in peer and family settings—as a tool of positive social transformation and revitalization.

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The inaugural book in the series is now available for pre-order!
Protecting the Promise: Indigenous Education Between Mothers and Their Children
Timothy San Pedro

More series books will be available across 2021 and 2022!