Presenters at CRIEI are encouraged to design panel or poster presentations that create dialogue around compelling research issues. At previous conferences, research topics included research methodologies, intervention, assessment, measuring outcomes and other complex child and family variables, service systems, policy, and personnel development related to young children with disabilities and their families.

A number of features promote the unique spirit of this conference:

  • The meeting is held in a beautiful setting that allows participants to enjoy one another and the environment.
  • All conferees attend the entire meeting.
  • All conferees participate in a research panel and/or research poster session.
  • The panel sessions consist of no more than two to three brief presentations, designed to stimulate dialogue (up to 75 minutes), and are followed by at least 45 minutes of group discussion. Each panel session is allotted a total of 2 hours.
  • Time is provided for poster presentations, light snacks, and conversation each evening.
  • Extended break times are provided throughout the day to facilitate informal discussion and networking.
  • A special reception will be held for Doctoral Students and Early Career Attendees

Watch the video below to underestand the history of CRIEI.

CRIEI 2024 Planning Committee

  • Elizabeth Steed (Chair), University of Colorado Denver
  • Lillian DurĂ¡n (Co-Chair), University of Oregon
  • Ilene Schwartz (Logistics Chair), University of Washington
  • Angel Fettig (Logistics Co-Chair), University of Washington
  • Judy Carta (Founding Member) Juniper Gardens Children’s Project at University of Kansas
  • Scott McConnell (Founding Member) University of Minnesota
  • Sarah Edwards (Student Representative), University of Colorado Denver
  • Ann Kaiser, Vanderbilt University
  • Rebecca Landa, Kennedy Krieger Institute
  • James Lee, University of Washington
  • Hailey Love, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Hedda Meadan, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • Brian Reichow, University of Connecticut
  • Thelma Uzonyi, University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center
  • Linda Watson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Thanks to Conference Committee members who finished their terms in 2022: Maureen Conroy, Brian Boyd, Maggie Beneke, & Catherine Corr.