College of Education Tech Center

June 8, 2023

Coming this Winter: Canvas Retention Policy

Yanko Michea

Content created in the UW Canvas LMS is retained for five years after the end of the academic year (considered to be June) in which the course section was offered. As this is the first year the policy will be implemented, courses from Autumn 2012 through Spring 2018 will be deleted on December 18, 2023.

To check which courses will be impacted by this change:

  1. Sign in to UW Canvas LMS by visiting
  2. Click Courses in the global nav at the left.
  3. In the Courses flyout menu, scroll down to the very bottom.
  4. Click All Courses.
  5. Click the heading of the Expires column to list the courses set to expire this year first.

If you wish to keep the course contents, please review the archival instructions from UW IT.