Sisterhood Initiative

The Sisterhood Initiative (SI) provides the opportunity for undergraduates who identify as women of color at UW to come together as a community of scholars. Through first and second year seminar classes, individualized support and advising, and workshops that center personal, academic, and career development, we create a community that promotes success in being your authentic self.

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What is the Sisterhood Initiative?

“The sun does not ask permission to shine and neither do I.” – Anonymous

Building on the phenomenal success of the Brotherhood Initiative, the Sisterhood Initiative (SI) supports undergraduates who identify as Women of Color (WOC) in reaching their academic, personal, and professional goals during and beyond their time at UW. The SI provides a community where WOC are affirmed in their identities and empowered to show up authentically in every space.

During their first two years on campus, SI scholars participate in a weekly seminar class designed to help them thrive both in the classroom and in their personal lives where seminar topics and presentations regarding leadership, identity, and career development are viewed through an intersectional lens. Members of the SI also receive individualized advising and are introduced to a variety of academic and health/ wellness resources on campus. After the second year, students remain connected to the SI through ongoing advising and community workshops.

In addition to classes, SI scholars are also invited to participate in workshops and social activities that promote emotional health, balance in their academic schedules, and informal opportunities to get to know each other better. Our goal is to provide WOC undergraduates with holistic support that will not only get them to graduation, but help them shine in every aspect of their lives.