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Teachers’ use of evaluation for instructional improvement and school supports for this use

Authors: Min SunBrock Mutcheson, & Jihyun Kim

Abstract: In this chapter, we discuss teachers’ reports on the use of teacher evaluation to improve their instruction and what types of school supports aid in this process. We conducted descriptive analyses of survey data that were collected in two rural school districts in Southwest Virginia during the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school years, following the state of Virginia receipt of a waiver 2 from requirements of No Child Left Behind Act in 2012 and moves to revamp teacher evaluation. Our analyses aimed to address the following questions: Which types of teachers are more likely to use evaluation for improvement? What types of school supports are related to teachers’ use of evaluation for improvement? And how does the relationship between school supports and teachers’ use vary for different types of teachers? Anticipating our key findings, early-career teachers who were on annual contracts, on average, were more likely to use evaluation to improve their instruction than teachers who were continuing contracts. The top one-fourth and bottom one-fourth teachers were significantly more likely to use performance information for improvement than teachers in the middle of the distribution. Moreover, among a variety of potentially effective school supports for teachers’ use evaluation for improvement (e.g., professional development, principal feedback, and collegial supports), the usefulness of principals’ feedback particularly mattered to early-career teachers. The remainder of this chapter is organized as follows. We first present the key components of the evaluation policy in the two districts. Next, we develop several conjectures regarding how this policy may influence teachers’ instruction, potential variations across subgroups of teachers, and potentially effective school supports. We then describe the sample and measures. Lastly, we present the analytic strategies for testing these conjectures, summarize main findings, and discuss their policy implications.

Teachers’ Use of Evaluation for Instructional Improvement

APA Citation: 
Sun, M., Mutcheson, B., & Kim, J. (2015). “Teachers’ Use of Evaluation for Instructional Improvement and School Supports for This Use.” In Making the Most of Multiple Measures: The Impacts and Challenges of Implementing Rigorous Teacher Evaluation Systems, eds. Jason A. Grissom and Peter Youngs. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.