Technology Center

March 26, 2018

Cycle 75

3/12/2018 – 3/23/2018

Work Complete


  • Completed conversion of most UI from Prototype JS to jQuery. 
  • Refine the person merge tool so it correctly show the results of the last merge without a page refresh.
  • Fixed new instructor summary "John Smith +2" was not displaying in Plan a Quarter tool.
  • Database schema updates to support better hiring tracking.
  • Add/edit staff form prompts for employee type when entering instructor. Extra value to help with HRP forms.
  • Users can enter expected hours when adding Reader/Grader instructional staff record. This optional field is meant to help with staff planning and potentially serve as a check during timesheet approvals.
  • Courses configuration "Voting Faculty" now shows NetID, Area, Area Chair and can be downloaded as spreadsheet. This list is updated nightly based on current academic appointment data. 


The hiring database is in early development with HR and Fiscal team.

  • Added tools to hiring database to work with UW academic quarters.
  • Records that show which user completed an action store actual user data (previously stub data).
  • Appointment request shows when there is an overlapping request for the same person and same quarter from a different request (two forms trying to hire same person for same period).
  • Appointment request shows indicator for periods that are following hours and pay fields. Editing hours and pay on one of these linked periods updates the values for all.
  • Notes can be added (edited, deleted) to an appointment request.
  • User management tools. Can add new users searching college person data, assign hiring database roles.
  • Beginnings of Approvals workflow. Users can add an Approval or request an Approval to be responded to by another user.
  • Implemented person type-ahead input. Text field where user can enter a COE person's name or NetID and be presented with a matching suggestion list as they type.

Merit Reporting

  • Prepare Merit Data report (currently accessible from Courses database) for 2018 faculty merit review cycle.
  • View Other tool is now accessible to Area Chairs and college support staff. This will help faculty get support when using the data tool.
  • Merit Data Report has more background information and instructions describing the report visible directly on the page.
  • Merit Data Report has print style applied. When faculty print (hard copy or print to PDF) their report instructions and Courses navigation are hidden.


  • Adjusted html form library to be more flexible when extracting data.