Technology Center

March 12, 2018

Cycle 74

2/26/2018 – 3/9/2018

Work Complete


  • Student number is displayed on student detail under the applicants name when student has a UW Student Number. This was required for ECFS processing, but decided to be useful for all applications.


  • Work continuing on replaceing deprecated JavaScript library.
  • Research and fix duplicate curriculum buttons in test environment.


This system is still pre-release. Initial work is being done with HR/P and Fiscal team.

  • Implement payroll quarters. UW has fixed recurring payroll periods that correlate with academic quarters. Created a single configuration and date resolution strategy in hiring database that is used throughout that system.
  • Implemented summer terms (A, B, Full, Staff) for courses and appointment periods.
  • Quick add for academic year. When adding an Autumn appointment request provide checkboxes that say "Continues in Winter", "Continues in Spring".
  • Delete an appointment period from a request.
  • Appointment request workflow based on courses. If user enters courses first, appointment periods are generated automatically.
  • When multiple appointment periods (quarters) are added to an appointment request the hours and pay fields are considered linked by default. Editing any period hours and pay fields updates them all. If user adds a new period with different hours and pay fields that period is unlinked and maintains its own values. User may edit a linked period and specify that this period has its own hours and pay values.
  • Update the Appointment Request view to show more data on the default view (without clicking to drill down) and to clarify that this is a single request added by a specifc user.
  • Update the worker view to show chronological upcoming Appointment periods where this worker has been requested. Clicking those periods leads to the Appointment Request detail view.
  • System can provide current academic quarter. Used our UwQuarter shared library and shared data view maintained by "EDUC" project to have access to UW academic quarter actual dates.


  • Add single ethnicity value to student data. While student data includes multiple ethnicities per person we frequently have reporting requirements that ask us to simplify this data down into a single value per person to report demographically. We've made this aggregation part of the nightly student data update. This data is available to IR reporting, but not displayed in web application.
  • The course planning report now accounts for milestones. Course planning report uses milestone configuration to show a list of student who need to take a given course. Version 1 of this just showed student information in relation to the specific course (completed, enrolled, need). Version 2 also examines the related milestones of the student to see whether the student has completed or enrolled in a comparable course (student took EDUC 305 or EDUC 310) or whether the requirement was waived.
  • Fixed problem with downloading CSV spreadsheet of Generated Placement records.

Tech Support

  • Import equipment inventory from spreadsheet for Cultivate Learning. Import process that converts spreadsheet to machine, specs, and person records in the COE ticket system.
  • Replace URL generator that was using deprecated PHP function.


  • Configured mail on production web server to send server administration email to web administrator.