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December 4, 2017

Cycle 71

11/20/2017 – 12/1/2017

Work Complete


  • Remove legacy field "Buy-out Reason". Buy-outs have been replaced by "Course Releases" (which have "Course Release Reason") that better models what we want to track.
  • Removed course tagging permission except for Academic Specialist. Tags apply to Courses (recurring curriculum) and we had issues where users wanted to adjust tags for specific Offerings (specific section scheduled in a quarter) which caused reports views in other areas of system to change. For now we are restricting ability to manage Tags and will capture requirements for better versions of this system in the future.


  • Begin work on a request tracking system for short term hiring. This will support requests currently covered by "New Appointment Request Form" and "Hourly Personnel Request Form" (aka Blue Form).


  • On About Yourself form adjust input label for ask a question when form is in Keep Me Informed mode for ABA. This is the beginnings of a new feature where prospective students will be able to follow links from program pages and not be presented with the full (potentially confusing) college program list.


  • Update the program list to show a count of students enrolled in the program in the current quarter.
  • Added a report of academic advisors grouped by new college areas with count of Masters and Doctoral advisees.
  • Fixed error in Certificate Checklist report cause by student added to a cohort dropping out of program.


  • Data level sharing system so various college systems can reference each other's data, reducing risky application coupling.
  • Move form lifecycle to shared library. This is application code where each project has a slightly different version of the same utilities. Packaging this code as a library allows it to be used by multiple projects via a dependency management system. This was implented for Hiring Database.