Technology Center

November 20, 2017

Cycle 70

11/6/2017 – 11/17/2017

Work Complete


  • Added last update information to home page for users with settings roles. This helps surface any problems getting update application data from the Grad School.
  • Added "Review Index" that lists all persons who are assigned reviewers on current applications. This view allows Academic Support Team and Student Services to support faculty reviewers by looking at application list from reviewer perspective.


  • Added projected enrollment field. This field is separate from the current offering size values (enrollment limit, enrollment estimate) whose primary purpose are room scheduling. The projected enrollment value will be used to project future course Student Credit Hours. Projected enrollment field will default to the room size limit/estimate, but is editable by instructor request, chair, or administrative staff.
  • Updated all old references to "UWEO" to that organizations current name "UW Professional & Continuing Education", with abbreviation "UWPCE".
  • Removed "ROU" field from new Course form.
  • Project planning for updated instructional staff interface. We are starting a significant revision to how we represent staff associated with course offerings with the goals: 1. Make adding staff easier, 2. Make roles and workflow implications clearer, 3. Make instructional staff records more useful for fiscal, HR, payroll, reference.


  • Fixed quarterly status section on student detail so quarters are displayed in chronological order.
  • Fixed dissertation milestone not being marked complete when 27 credits are completed.
  • Added a download option for faculty's current advisees. Updated advisees complete download for previous database restructure.
  • Added name matching rules for doctoral committee members added in MyGrad as external members. Only people who are Graduate Faculty in the UW Graduate School system get committee records linked to their UW person data. Other members are listed in text comment fields. This system allows us to configure which names to recognize in that text field and link local faculty records.


  • Investigated and resolved problem with asynchronous tasks (send email) not running in development and testing environment.