Technology Center

November 6, 2017

Cycle 69

10/23/2017 – 11/3/2017

Work Complete


  • "My Applications" view is changed from card based dashboard to a table view. The table includes a column that shows all reviewers who have entered recommendations and a column showing which final decisions have been entered. It also has a column with thumbs-up/down icons to allow users to quickly scan where they have entered recommendations.
  • Added a CSV download for reviewers that includes any reviewer (committee) recommendations. This CSV view is provided when a reviewer downloads from "My Applications" or from "By Committee" report.
  • Reviewer recommendation tool is now displayed in a slide-out sidebar. This reduces visual clutter and allows clearer help text for scholarship comment.
  • Final decisions form is also a slide-out sidebar. The forms for entering committee final decision and advisor have been combined. There is also a separate field for entering "review for scholarship". This same form is accessible from the "Enter Decisions" report view and from the application detail page.
  • Implemented full menus as a slide-out sidebar.


  • Fixed issue where Student Credit Hours did not calculate correctly on offerings with fixed credits where the course curriculum allowed variable credits.
  • Added links for reports based on on instructor approvals.
  • Updated top level menu pages. Clicking some menu titles in courses goes to specific index pages, these pages have been updated to include same links as menus.


  • Program specific About Yourself form. Created a version of the About Yourself form for Applied Behavior Analysis where prospective students can complete contact and demographic information without the long (hard to read) program interest list. This page is the beginning of a larger project which will allow "Keep Me Informed" pages to be set up for any programs.