Technology Center

October 23, 2017

Cycle 68

10/9/2017 – 10/20/2017

Work Complete


  • Provide a new home page for Appreview. This view highlights important pages for faculty reviewers and provides a full site map. The site map provides a better organized index than the previous top menu navigation.
  • Provide lists of applications by review committee. If user is a member of any review committees those are linked on the home page.
  • Created a rubric coding tool to apply evaluation categories to rubrics. These evaluation categories are reported to state of Washington for educator certification.


  • Worked on an issue when specific course offerings with fixed credits based on course curriculum with variable credits would not correctly calculate and projected student credit hours value. 
  • Combined the course offering credits form with the enrollment form. 


  • Fixed problem where current appointments were not listed in person database. This appointment data is used to identify faculty and staff in systems and supports auditing of our system's authorizations.


  • Added a view for a person with no enrollment history. Generally pages like these would not be linked from Student database, but we are adding cross linking from Appreview and Test Scores, links to non-student is possible.
  • Filter out quarters from UW transcript that have no course enrollments.
  • The UW transcript view now list the quarterly major for undergraduate students along with the class level.
  • Fixed the advisee service endpoint in student which supports the faculty merit tool. This needed to be adjusted for student data model changes.