Technology Center

October 9, 2017

Cycle 67

9/25/2017 – 10/6/2017

Work Complete


  • Fixed Endorsement and Endorsement Requirements not getting added to new applications.
  • Exposed list of Test Scores included in application view from UW Student Database. Tools for Student Services to adjust this configuration.
  • Updated report filter time period to include upcoming years. This now queries actual application data and offers filter options for any year where we have applications.
  • Added Red Flag feature to Appreview. Red Flags are important comments added by Office of Student Services that have major impact on admission decisions. Examples are insufficient GPA and TOEFL scores. Red Flag indicators are displayed on applicant list views and the full comments are displayed at the top of application detail page.


  • Added budgets for 2017-18 Biennium to Budgets index. Added tab interface that allows switching views between 2015 & 2017.


  • Simplified Instructor review and approval of course plans. Before each quarter's entry into UW Time Schedule construction our Curriculum Coordinator asks instructors to review the course plan and enter room preferences. We have built a tool where instructors can review plan, enter room preferences, and add comments all in one place.
  • Fixed bug in system that matches UW Time Schedule records to local plan records that could cause a canceled plan to not be highlighted as a difference.
  • Implemented an automated testing framework for the Courses project. Initial tests for UWTS matching logic.
  • Fixed bug where a missing value for a report parameter could cause the page to crash.
  • ROUs (Responsible Organizational Units) have been removed from Courses database. As college structure has changed ROUs have become a less useful description of how course planning gets done. Removed to hide unuseful and stale information.


  • International students are indicated in Contact section of student detail.
  • Fixed student search type-ahead suggestion, was showing quarter by quarter student history.
  • R&I Paper Submitted added as a milestone for doctoral students.
  • Fixed Reading Committee milestone, was being incorrectly marked complete. Discovered bug in data feed. Updated the doctoral committee import process with better preview and more data validation.
  • Moved external students into general student model. External students are non College of Education students added to Student database to track certification, most often music students becoming music teachers. These records have been rebuilt so that they live in the same tables as COE students. Simplifies maintenance and querying. This also allows TEP students to be added to Student database during application process for certification tracking.
  • Added link in Student… menu to Test Score database. Requires user authorization in Test Scores.
  • Added link in Student… menu to Person log. This shows history and sources of person record updates. Requires user authorization in Person.

Tech Support

  • Updated quarterly student import for recent Student database changes. This tool allows tech office to make current students active tech support database users for equipment reservations.

Test Scores

  • Big improvements to Test Score requirement rules to more clearly show configuration and provide better tools to manage. Requirement Rules in Test Scores allow us to find and display import test scores for students based on the Washington state Teacher Certification and Endorsement Subjects the student is pursuing. One output for this linking is the Certification Checklist in Student database.