Technology Center

September 26, 2017

Cycle 66

9/11/2017 – 9/22/2017

Work Complete


  • Fixed Person Data page which shows identifiers for other college and UW systems.


  • Deployed update replacing Divisions/Associate-Deans with Areas and Area Chairs. Updating faculty affiliation with Areas. We are revisiting ROUs (Responsible Organizational Units are programs or groups who have responsibility for scheduling and staffing particular courses).


  • Fixed problem with email template edit tool not saving changes.


  • Updated Complete (Degree Earned) display to include the degree name from the SDB. Allow entering of custom Program Complete names for manually added complete records. This is used for programs like Danforth where students can successfully complete without earning a UW degree.
  • Include students with ELS minors in the college student database. Report of students with ELS minors and ability to look at student detail page and add tracked issues.
  • Revision to local student data model to include minors. This changed the core representation of a "student" in the data and required updates to much of the application. In order to reduce chances of revisions like this in the future modified our local data model to closely track UW SDB student data model.
  • Revised and simplified nightly data loads from the UW SDB. These various processes developed at different points in time had different structures. Revised to use shared resources and workflow for all, simplifies the ongoing support.
  • Revision to local reports (various list views of students) in the system to use a more consistent base query and to better reuse helper strategies for fields like Program and Degree (translate UW codes into readable names).