Technology Center

August 28, 2017

Cycle 64

8/14/2017 – 8/25/2017

Work Complete


  • Made descriptions in the Apply portal configuration view more helpful.


  • Course fee fields are only displayed on offerings that have fees, previously labels and empty fields were displayed on all offering details. (This update is complete, but will be put on production with an upcoming release.)


  • Grants web database has been retired. Over the last few year UW grants reporting and tracking tools have improved to the point that this system is no longer needed. We will continue to maintain this database as a back end system for college reporting and to support the faculty merit helper tool.


  • Update reporting of test scores for certified teachers required by WA state. Reporting from the new Student 2 database, added logic to select single applicable tests for each basic skills and endorsement category.
  • Letters of recommendation from application are now included in Student attachments.
  • Institution option list in edit placement form displays City, ST to differentiate institutions with the same name.
  • Built tools to support long term reporting of career data for teachers who recieved certification through College of Education. The final report shows percent of certified teachers who are teaching for the ten years following certification. Create table, import process, and web form for managing this data.


  • Fixed the "How did you hear about us?" question on the public "half sheet" form for prospective students. It was showing label and help text for college staff.

Test Scores

  • Update the test score assessment configuration views. Break down into assessements by test type to make list more usable.