Technology Center

August 14, 2017

Cycle 63

7/31/17 – 8/11/17

Work Complete


  • Report filter for Online component. This is based on UW Time Schedule value where course can be traditional, partially online, or completely online. Courses database allows filter to "only traditional" or "courses that are partially or completely online".
  • Added filter to Course Responsibility report for academic year. This report shows which college area, program, etc is responsible for scheduling and staffing a particular course. Academic year filter helps us prioritize active courses for Area reorg.


  • Further refined spam URL remover to better handle email addresses embedded in question field.


  • Added import and comparison tools for WA State OSPI eCert file. This file includes state teacher and administrator records for people with certification recommended by the College of Education. We use this file to quality check our local certification data. This feature provides tools for reviewing differences and quickly reconciling them.
  • Ignore feature for eCert file comparison. This is used when a former student's certification status changes, but not based on recommendation through the college.
  • Report for OSPI Certificates that have a recommended date, but no issued date. OSPI response generally comes within two weeks. This report helps us with data entry and to surface problems during certification process.
  • Always display UW email in student database. In some cases a student's UW email address was not displayed in the student database. If a student has a UW NetID their UW email is, now, always displayed first. Also the same email address should not be displayed multiple times.
  • When student contact information has an empty value "0" for a phone number, that is no longer displayed.
  • Add advisor form uses student's first enrolled quarter as the default advisor start quarter.
  • Inactive students are included in the Students with Multiple Advisors reports. This report is used by OSS to accurately maintain advisor relationships.