Technology Center

August 1, 2017

Cycle 62

7/17/2017 – 7/28/2017

Work Complete


  • Added Online Learning Type field. This is a new field in UW Time Schedule construction which captures whether courses are traditional (in-person), hybrid, or fully online. Default value and comparisons set up so no data entry required for this field on traditional courses. Online Learning Type field is not displayed on traditional course detail, but gets special highlighting for online courses. Online courses are indicator with sticker in list views.
  • Removed the redundant Distance Learning (yes/no) field.


  • Migrate appointment import from HEPPS data to Workday data. Appointment data is used primarily for updating authorizations in college info systems. Update person views for new data model.
  • Converted authorization "glance" icons from plain color coded bubbles to pills with an inital for the information system represented.


  • Migrated email system from SMTP to external email service. This provides better email handling, reduces spam false positives, and provides excellent tracking.
  • Show count of applications from persons who RSVP'd for an event. Match on email address.
  • Update to Ask a Question prompt for Student Services.
  • Fixed broken links on "bulk add email" results page.


  • X grade tracked issues are rechecked nightly for grade that are submitted late and resolved automatically.
  • Placement types can be modified. Previously type attribute was locked due to difference in fields between types. When placement type is modified placement edit form reloads with appropriate fields.
  • Special Education placements types can be changed without disrupting automated placement creation. Placement rules system creates implied placements from course records using general placement type. These placements can be changed to the correct, more specific types.
  • Implied placement configuration for EDC&I 561 and 601, special rule with unique handling that looks for these two courses taken during the same quarter.
  • Add "Download as CSV" for placements by institution report. This includes the Generated Placement report which uses the null value "Unknown Institution". Prototyped a CSV field manager that provides reusable components for assembling export files.
  • Update the data importer for Doctoral Committee data, Grad School changed report format.