Technology Center

May 22, 2017

Cycle 57

5/8/2017 – 5/19/2017

Work Complete 


  • Instructor activity report shows courses taught by specific teaching staff over user adjustable period of time (existing report was locked to current and next academic year).
  • Moved Associate Dean list to a central shared system. This configuration data had been repeated in a couple places making updates time consuming.

File Store

  • Created a password protected file store for hosting report files that are only accessible to COE faculty and staff.


  • Modify search so results include students who only have registrations for future quarters.
  • Investigate issue where preferred name was not being imported.
  • Adjusted layout so search bar and top of page is not obscured when the menu header changes height due to menu wrapping.
  • Tools for bulk data entry of PESB (WA state) required data for teach placements.
  • Added instructions for change advisor on student advisor history page and on faculty page.
  • Added ability to enter & display placements by academic year. The period type is configured per placement type.
  • System now ends faculty role on doctoral committees after the quarter the student completed a doctoral degree.
  • Added form for administrative staff to manually end doctoral committees.
  • Added doctoral committee history view to faculty advisor pages. This surfaces data that is included on the merit report.
  • Added MEd credits requirement for "45 overall credits"


  • Fixed person with authorizations in retired STEP database still listed in Auth Audit report.